Behind The Thoughts Podcast

Episode 7

In this episode we explore how meditation can be used as a tool to ground us and bring us back to ourselves when life overwhelms us, and different ways to focus on the breath.

Episode 6

In this episode, recorded outside, I look at the traditional seven point meditation posture and how you might adapt it for your own physical needs.

Episode 5

Meditation as a rehearsal for daily life, helping stay present. (And there is the new, clearer Tibetan bowl to start and end the meditation session.)

Episode 4

Introducing the new name for the podcast, “Behind The Thoughts,” and then exploring what your meditation space might look like.

Episode 3

Exploring the right time to meditate and being wary of waiting for the “ideal” conditions.

Episode 2

Starting the exploration of what meditation is…and what it isn’t.

Episode 1

An introduction to the podcast series and what it will be about.