I think that for most people, when they think of meditation they visualize someone sitting quietly, maybe with their eyes closed, engaging in some sort inner process. Nothing external going on there.

However, our minds are not influenced solely by what happens while we are meditating. Silly and as obvious as this might sound, our mind follows us into all aspects of our lives. Habits are built on the meditation cushion and off it.

Meditation is a tool for training the mind. As I was taught meditation, it is a tool for training the mind to develop qualities such as patience, love, generosity, joy, contentment, and compassion. If while we are off the meditation cushion we are putting ourselves in situations where we, for example, tend to get angry, then we are in essence training ourselves in anger. The more that you focus on patience, the more patient you will become. The more that you focus on anger, the more that you will tend to anger. The mind simply goes to that place that it is familiar with.

This is where Boundaries come into play. This is about controlling, as best we can, what we expose ourselves to in our lives. If the news makes you angry, control the news that you consume. If trawling shopping sites on the internet gives you a sense of lack, stay away from them.

In this episode, I look at boundaries that we can create in our lives and relate it to the meditation on wanting happiness and not wanting suffering that we looked in the last episode.